Borgo de'Pazzi

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  • Borgo de' Pazzi Bibi

    Borgo de'Pazzi Borgo de' Pazzi Bibi

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    Bibi is a think and thin yarn with lots of character and hands-on look! This yarn makes a statement and perfect for a cowl and garment pieces! Details: Weight: Super Bulky Yardage: 153 yards (140 meters) Skein Weight: 200 grams Gauge: 7 Sts = 4 inches Recommended Needle Size: US 11 - 17 / 8 - 12mm  Content: 60% Wool, 25% Acrylic, 15% Cotton Please be aware that colours shown may vary from screen to screen. 

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  • Borgo de Pazzi | Juta

    Borgo de'Pazzi Borgo de Pazzi | Juta

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    Juta is perfect for projects that need the ultimate in strength and durability, such as bags, rugs, and macramé! Since Jute is a rain-fed crop that doesn’t need fertilizers or pesticides, it makes for a very environmentally friendly yarn! Weight: Worsted Yardage/Meters: 492 yards (450 meters) Suggested Needle Size: 3.5 - 4.5mm Content: 100% Jute

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