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  • Katia | Aluminum Crochet Hook Handle Katia | Aluminum Crochet Hook Handle

    Katia Yarns Katia | Aluminum Crochet Hook Handle

    Aluminum crochet hook with light and comfortable ergonomic handle for a smoother crochet experience. The ergonomic handle allows for a better grip and handling of the crochet hook. This is an ideal tool to relax your tension, given that it considerably increases comfort while crocheting. Each hook size is in a different color to make them easy to identify. Collect all the colors and you will be able to tackle any project!

    $7.50 - $9.50

  • Katia | Yarn Needles with Round Tip (set of 6)

    Katia Yarns Katia | Yarn Needles with Round Tip (set of 6)

    16 in stock

    Set of 6 round tip steel needles perfect to finish off your works. Easily thread fine yarns thanks to the elongated eye of these size 18/24 needles. Weave in ends by sliding any of these blunt needles between the stitches of your work. Also use them to personalize your knitwear with jacquard. Of course, you can use these rounded tip needles in yarn projects or other textile techniques like embroidery on canvas. The little ones can use them in their crafts or to make their first sewing stitches.

    16 in stock


  • Katia | Tailor's Scissors 28cm

    Katia Yarns Katia | Tailor's Scissors 28cm

    3 in stock

    Elegant and practical 28 cm black steel tailor's scissors. They feature a large, comfortable handle for secure grip and easy movements while cutting on your sewing table. Its powerful steel blades are extremely sharp to cut your different fabrics of thicknesses precisely.

    3 in stock


  • Katia | Magnetic Row Counter Katia | Magnetic Row Counter

    Katia Yarns Katia | Magnetic Row Counter

    18 in stock

    Keep track of your stitches and rows while knitting with this round row counter in a pretty mint green color. When you finish your project, keep the row counter in its cotton bag with a cord closure. Place this magnetic row counter on the matching magnet bracelet from the Katia 100% You accessories collection, so you can easily press the row counter button while you knit. Row counter measurements: 4 cm wide x 1.5 cm high.

    18 in stock


  • Katia | Wooden Ruler with Needle Sizer

    Katia Yarns Katia | Wooden Ruler with Needle Sizer

    19 in stock

    Practical and light wooden ruler to measure both in centimeters (up to 15 cm) and in inches (6 "). A beautiful and useful tool that you can also use as a needle view sizer. Insert your needles into the holes to know what measure they correspond to, both in millimeters (from 2 to 10 mm) and in US measurements (from 0 to 15).

    19 in stock


  • Katia | Stitch Stoppers (24 pk.) Katia | Stitch Stoppers (24 pk.)

    Katia Yarns Katia | Stitch Stoppers (24 pk.)

    19 in stock

    24 knitting needle stoppers in assorted colors and sizes presented in a cardboard box. Keep all your knitting projects safe and add a touch of color with these EVA rubber needle protectors. Insert the tip of your needles through the center of these cylindrical foam stoppers and easily slide them on thanks to their flexibility. These protectors in different sizes adjust to your needles perfectly, keeping your work safe with no risk of dropping stitches. You have 24 needle stoppers to choose from, 4 per size in 6 different diameters! Each color corresponds to a different size, so you can easily and quickly identify your needles. Use them with all sorts of knitting needles: straight, circular, and double-pointed needles from sizes 2 to 12 mm. Knitting is easier with Katia’s fun accessories!

    19 in stock


  • Katia | Steel Crochet Hook

    Katia Yarns Katia | Steel Crochet Hook

    High-performance steel crochet hook for detailed crochet work. Long-lasting and trustworthy tool, available in different sizes, ideal for filet crochet, tatting, and lace.

  • Katia | Cable Needles (set of 2)

    Katia Yarns Katia | Cable Needles (set of 2)

    Set of two auxiliary needles to easily knit cables and cable patterns in knitting. This set is made of two needles of 2 mm and 5 mm to use depending on the thickness of wool. Pass easily to the central curved part of the cable needle, the stitches that you need to keep on hold. Being made of aluminum, these cable needles are very durable and allow you to easily slip the stitches on your needles to continue knitting.


  • Katia | Aluminum Stitch Holder

    Katia Yarns Katia | Aluminum Stitch Holder

    19 in stock

    An essential item in any work bag: the 11 cm aluminum safety pin. Leave stitches on hold in your knitting projects or use it as a closure for garments. Length: 4 3/8" (11cm)

    19 in stock


  • Katia | Sewing Pins (60 count in 6 colours) Katia | Sewing Pins (60 count in 6 colours)

    Katia Yarns Katia | Sewing Pins (60 count in 6 colours)

    20 in stock

    Add color to your sewing basket with basic notions: round head pins in assorted colors. Extremely practical both to hold fabric pieces together for your sewing projects and to block knitted garments. They are easy to handle thanks to their round heads and stainless steel, making them really resistant and long-lasting. Inside the round Katia 100% You craft box you’ll find 60 sewing pins in 6 pastel colors (10 units in each color) matching the stitch markers from our Katia 100% You accessories line. 

    20 in stock


  • Katia | Double-sided Tape Measure (60 inch/150 cm) Katia | Double-sided Tape Measure (60 inch/150 cm)

    Katia Yarns Katia | Double-sided Tape Measure (60 inch/150 cm)

    20 in stock

    Measure all kinds of projects, both made of fabric and yarn, with this tape measure from our Katia 100% You collection. A must-have in your sewing basket or project bag! Presented in a round craft cardboard box, this soft and flexible tape measure, in a pretty mint green, features two measurement systems: on the one hand, 150 cm, and on the other, 60 inches.

    20 in stock


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