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Knitter's Pride Tapestry Needles (set of 4)

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SKU K.P. Tapestry Needles
  • Great for marking the beginning of a round or pattern repeat
  • Use on your needle to mark stitches
  • Hang on your knitting to mark rows
  • Mark decreases, increases or even mistakes
  • Easy to slip onto a needle in the middle of your work
  • Hooks into the knitted or crocheted stitch within a row without slipping out
  • Mark increases or decreases in your pattern
  • Mark a mistake that needs to be ripped back
  • Catch the dropped stitch before it runs down through

Tapestry Needles Set:

  • Absolute necessity for finishing the knitting
  • Bent, blunt needle tip lends ease when using with yarn
  • Pack of 4 Tapestry Needles Set (Pack of 2 small and 2 large needles) in a PVC pouch