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  • Sandnes Garn | Tynn Silk Mohair Sandnes Garn | Tynn Silk Mohair

    Sandnes Garn Sandnes Garn | Tynn Silk Mohair

    This fine mohair is perfect for combining with other base yarns, or knit alone for a lofty, cloud-like effect. Similar fibre content to Silk Mohair, just finer. Details: Weight: Lace Texture: Plied Yardage/Meters: 231 yards (212 meters) Skein Weight: 25 grams Gauge: 18 - 24sts Recommended Needle Size: 3 - 5mm Content: 57% Mohair, 28% Silk, 15% Wool  

  • Malabrigo Silkpaca | Lace Malabrigo Silkpaca | Lace

    MALABRIGO Malabrigo Silkpaca | Lace

    Silkpaca is a soft, silky, lace yarn made up of Baby Alpaca and Silk. Wearing an item made from Silkpaca is like wearing a cloud. Great for lace, shawls, scarves, light, delicate and translucent garments.  Details: Weight: Lace  Texture: Plied Yardage/Meters: 420 yards (384 meters) Skein weight: 50 grams (1.76 ounces) Gauge: sts Recommended needle size: US 3 - 8 or 3.25 - 5mm Recommended hook size: US B-1 to E4 or 2,0-3,5 mm Content: 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk Care: Hand Wash, cold water Note: Colours may vary based on dye lots and monitor settings. May not be exactly as shown.  If more than one of the same colour purchased, please indicate in the comments at checkout if you require the same dye lot. 

  • Kremke Stellaris Kremke Stellaris

    Kremke Soul Wool Kremke Stellaris

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    Stellaris is soft and easy to work with. If knitted alongside other yarns it adds nice sparkles to the knitting. It can also be worked in several strands to create shimmery stripes in your knitting. 47% Viscose, 41% Polyester, 12% Metallic Skein Yard/Meters: 612 yards (560 Meters) Skein Weight: 25 grams

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  • Malabrigo Mohair Malabrigo Mohair

    Malabrigo Yarn Malabrigo Mohair

    Details: Weight: Lace Yardage/Meters: 229 yards (210 meters) Skein Weight: 25 grams Recommended Needle Size: US 3- 8 | 3.25mm - 5mm Content: 72% Mohair, 28% Silk The Mohair for this base is sourced in South Africa, from a bio-diversity-friendly, clean and ethically compliant mill. Whether you are adding that elegant halo to your knits or looking for that perfect, drapey accessory, this newest addition will be sure to meet your knitting needs. If you are looking to add just a touch of warmth to your projects, Mohair is a great choice and if you pair the colors just right, you will find the most unique marled fabric. From texture, airiness, and depth of color, this is the base you never knew you needed but won’t be able to live without!

  • Sale Katia | Louvre Katia | Louvre

    Katia Yarns Katia | Louvre

    Louvre is a wonderful laceweight printed yarn in soft viscose with a mildly shiny effect. If you like our Versailles yarn, you’ll love Louvre, especially if you have a soft spot for original crochet shawls. Thanks to its thin weight, you will enjoy a lighter yarn that allows you to comfortably work pretty crochet lace stitches. This way, you will optimize the performance and weight of your summer accessories and garments. Details: Weight: Lace Texture: Chainette Skein Weight: 50g Yardage/Meters: 180 yards (165 Meters) Suggested Needle Size: 2.25 - 3mm Gauge: 29 sts = 4" Care: Machine wash, cold, gentle cycle, lay flat to dry


  • Kremke Soul Wool | Twinkle Kremke Soul Wool | Twinkle

    Kremke Soul Wool Kremke Soul Wool | Twinkle

    Twinkle is a delightful metallic thread with tons of texture! Use this surprisingly soft, subtle glitter yarn to create little twinkles in every yarn combination you use. The yarn can also be used solo as either a single or a double strand for contrasting edgings, stripes or embellishments. Details: Weight: Thread Yardage/Meters: 328 yards (300 meters) Skein Weight: 25grams Content: 51% Viscose, 49% Polyester

  • Katia | Alexandria Katia | Alexandria

    Katia Yarns Katia | Alexandria

    Very fine 100% mercerized cotton yarn. A high yield yarn ideal for making lightweight crochet projects. The wide colour range allows you to combine trims, lacey edges and classical details with any garments or accessories you choose Details: Weight: Lace Skein Weight: 100 grams Yardage/Meters: 437 yards (400 meters) Suggested Needle Size: US 2 | 2.75mm Suggested Hook Size: US B | 2.25mm Content: 100% Cotton, Combed, Gassed and Mercerize

  • Yarnalia | Joy Yarnalia | Joy

    Yarnalia Yarnalia | Joy

    Perfect for heirlooms and delicate lacework, Joy will highlight your fine craftsmanship.  We sourced the finest baby alpaca to create this super soft lace-weight yarn. Baby alpaca refers to the fineness of the alpaca fiber (it does not come from a baby animal), meaning it's super soft, you could say, soft enough for a baby! Joy is a 2-ply yarn, ideal for accentuating lacework yarnovers and creating a beautiful fabric with great drape. We love using Joy to knit baby sweaters, intricate lace-work shawls, and everything in between. Try carrying a strand of Joy with another yarn to add color & texture! Weight: Lace Skein Weight: 25 grams Yards/Meters: 219 yards (200 meters) Suggested needle Size: US 2 | 2.75mm Content: 100% Baby Alpaca Care: Hand wash cold, do not tumble dry, do not twist, dry flat Note:  Due to its vibrant quality, we have found that this colorway tends to release dye into the wash basin while soaking. These dyes may transfer over to fibers in lighter colorways. For this reason, this colorway is not recommended for projects that feature colorwork or striping.Before wearing, hand wash garments separately with like colors in cool water using a gentle wool wash. Limit soaking time to 10 minute increments. Rinse thoroughly. Roll gently in an old towel to remove excess water and lay flat to dry. If desired, re-fix dye before using as follows: Using a dye basin, combine 1 tbsp white vinegar + 1 cup boiling water + 3 cups tepid water per 100g of yarn. Soak yarn for 10 - 15 minutes. Remove yarn and roll gently in a sheet of plastic wrap. Microwave roll for 2 minutes on high, checking closely to avoid overheating or excess steaming. Allow roll to cool before handling. Soak yarn in cool water using a gentle wool wash for 15 minutes. Squeeze out remaining water (do not wring.) Hang yarn on a plastic hanger or in a mesh laundry bag and allow to dry completely.

  • Walcot Yarns | Blocking Wires Walcot Yarns | Blocking Wires

    Walcot Yarns Walcot Yarns | Blocking Wires

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    What helps you finish your project like a professional? Blocking. And that is a task made much easier with these fantastic flexible blocking wires. Walcot Wires by Walcot Yarns are a flexible, no kink wire that you can bend around any shape you need. Perfect for crescent shaped shawls, picot edges and getting your sweater pieces to have nice neat edges to sew up, blocking wires are a game changer. Walcot Wires Blocking Tool is made from rust-free, flexible memory wire. Each set contains 3 x 100cm wires and 4 x 175cm wires along with 30 stainless steel t-pins for blocking countless combinations of knits. These modern blocking wires coil up neatly in a zippered pouch when not in use making storage easy. This product contains nickel.

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