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  • Thread & Maple - Maple Tablet Tray

    Thread & Maple Thread & Maple - Maple Tablet Tray

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    Watch your favourite crafty podcast or tutorial, while keeping your cuppa brew and notions at hand with this beautiful tablet tray. Handcrafted in Canada from natural maple wood, this piece is both stylish and practical, with several compartments to keep your writing and crafting tools within easy reach. It features a removable coaster etched with the T&M maple leaf emblem, to allow you to move your beverage to the side when actively engaging with your digital device. The tray and coaster both have soft felt on the bottom to prevent any scratching of your tabletop. Complete the set with one of our lovely handmade ceramic mugs to beautifully integrate your digital device into your making space :) Measurements: 28cm x 22cm x 2cm (11" x 8 1/2" x 3/4") Slot size: 1.4cm (1/2"), fits Kobo, iPhones and iPads as well as most smartphones/tablets as long as the thickness is under 12mm. We've added a little wooden insert that slips into the slot, if you have a larger device that you use without a case. The largest 12.9" iPad 11 Pro is heavy and slips out, unless it is used with the wooden insert or in a slim case that gives it some grip. Note that you can adjust the viewing angle by rotating the stand and inserting your device 'backwards' if you prefer a more upright angle. We designed the slot to allow for a more reclined position for ease of viewing assuming it will be placed on a surface below eye level

    6 in stock



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