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  • Sandnes Garn | PetiteKnit Sunday

    Sandnes Garn Sandnes Garn | PetiteKnit Sunday

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    Sunday is our thinnest variant of 100% merino wool and is the perfect base yarn: a thin, non-superwash treated yarn that can be knitted with single and double strands. It can also be knitted together with Tynn Silk Mohair. Merino wool is not only insulating, but also wicks moisture away from the body and retains heat even when moist, thanks to the structure of the fibers. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water before it starts to feel wet. Our supplier has guaranteed that the wool we buy does not come from sheep that have been subjected to mulesing. Details: Weight: Texture: Plied Yardage/Meters: 256 yards (235 meters) Skein Weight: 50 grams Recommended Needle Size: 3.0mm Content: 100% merino wool Care: Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

    308 in stock



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