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  • Binkwaffle | Cozy Cakes

    Binkwaffle Binkwaffle | Cozy Cakes

    22 in stock

    Stop those tangles before they start. Fit one over your center-pull cake of yarn and keep your yarn nicely wound for knitting, crochet, and more. Size: Birthday Cake (Large): approx. 4"h x 4.5"w. fits most 100g balls of yarn Quality professional finishing for long-wearing use; washable with your project or in the washer. Made by women in the US 4-way stretch jersey for bounce-back-ability

    22 in stock

    $14.00 - $16.00

  • Binkwaffle | Dumpling Bags

    Binkwaffle Binkwaffle | Dumpling Bags

    11 in stock

    With no zippers or velcro, the Dumpling Bag provides a quick snag-free closure. Simply pull the handle through the grommet, and voilà! Closed up and ready to go. -REVERSIBLE -made in the USA by women -Fabrics: 100% cotton canvas; both made & printed in the U.S. -washable (hand wash or machine wash delicate.) Sizing Baby 4.5”x4.5”x4.5”; 12” tall with handle. capacity: 91 cub. in.; 1 ball of 100g yarn great for hats, baby items, socks, gloves Small 6”x6"x6"; 15” tall with handle. approx. 216 cub. in.; 2-3 balls of 100g yarn ideal for hats, socks, gloves, baby sweaters, lightweight shawls Medium 7.5”x7.5”x7.5"; 18” tall with handle approx. 422 cub. in.; 3-5 balls of 100g great for 2-3 smaller projects, cardis, baby blankets, shawls Large 9"x9"x9"; 21" tall with handle approx. 422 cub. in.; 5-8 balls of 100g yarn ideal for adult sweaters, smaller throws, etc.

    11 in stock

    $52.00 - $90.00


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