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  • Clover Bamboo Marking Pins

    Clover Clover Bamboo Marking Pins

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    Hold fabrics temporarily with marking pins before finishing with a mattress stitch or by grafting. Pin and hold fabrics before closing side holes, grafting shoulder parts and connecting sleeves.Use special marking pins for knitting which are long and have a rounded tip.   Bamboo Marking Pins: Long marking pin for thick knitted fabrics. Length: Approx. 7 cm Pins made from the same materials as the Bamboo Knitting Needles “Takumi”.

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  • Clover Knitting Marking Pins

    Clover Clover Knitting Marking Pins

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    Marking pins for knitting projects. Particularly used for pinning sleeves or basting a pocket. 10 pins per package in assorted colors (green, yelllow, pink). Features: Large head keeps the pin from slipping off stitches. Long enough to easily stick through a thick knitted cloth. Point is rounded to prevent knitting yarn from splitting. Materials: Head: PVC Resin Pin: Steel

    11 in stock



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